Schindler Campus in China

The Jiading Schindler City – our incredible new campus in China – has achieved the highest certification under the internationally recognized LEED environmental standard.

“We are particularly proud to have received this outstanding certification”, says Thomas Oetterli, CEO of the Schindler Group. “It proves again that our motto “Thinking ahead. Acting today.” is a commitment with no end date and that we take our responsibility for our environment very seriously in all decisions taken within our company.” The Schindler City consists of a 200m test tower, an R&D center, a training center and the head office of Schindler China with a showroom, canteen, and large recreation areas for employees.

“Green” Schindler City

Innovative design, high indoor environmental quality and optimal energy performance were key drivers in ensuring a “green” Schindler City. In order to reach this goal and to achieve the LEED Gold certification, major environmentally friendly initiatives were taken, including:

  • The facades of the headquarters and the show room as well as of the training center and the R&D building contain more than two million “reused” bricks collected from old Chinese buildings.
  • The latest state of art Ground Energy System (GES) was implemented. It generates the highest accreditation in building energy savings and environmental protection by world standards. In summer time, the GES generates cool water that is used for cooling while in winter time it provides warm water for heating.
  • Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is built in with the most advanced cooling system to obtain substantial energy savings (>25%) versus conventional HVAC systems. This latest technology has become very popular due to its energy saving capability. The result is excellent air quality for our employees.
  • Innovative waste water technologies are installed and can be used for landscaping on the campus.

Our modern campus in China is also home to an escalator plant (opened in 2014) and an elevator factory (opened in 2015) which have already achieved LEED Silver certification. The only building still under construction, the escalator step plant, will begin production in 2017. The whole complete campus will cover an impressive area of around 325,000 m2, which is equivalent to 45 football pitches.

As shown by this LEED Gold certification, sustainability at Schindler is not just words but is a true commitment from all of us to actions that make a difference.

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